About the Conference | 关于会议

Welcome to ICPET 2023-The 5th International Conference on Power and Energy Technology, which is to be held in Tianjin, China during July 27-30, 2023.  The conference is sponsored by Tianjin University, North China Electric Power University, organized by School of Electrical and Information Engineering, Tianjin University, patrons with Tsinghua University, Southeast University, China Electric Power Research Institute, etc. 

The demand for energy is expected to continue to increase, driven by population growth and urbanization, economic development, and technological advancements. Therefore, the development of power and energy technology is essential for meeting the future energy demands while addressing environmental concerns and achieving sustainability goals. Additionally, the integration of renewable energy sources and the advancement of energy storage technology are also critical areas of focus for the development of power and energy technology.

The theme of ICPET 2023 is bridging and connecting – across disciplines, practices, places and understandings. The most interesting things happen at edges and boundaries, and the aim of the conference is to demonstrate and examine different approaches in innovative power and energy technology solutions. It features invited speakers as well as peer-reviewed paper presentations.


Special Sessions | 专题研讨

Special Session I: New Solutions for Smart Grids with High-Penetration Distributed Energy Resources
Organizer: Yang Li, Northeast Electric Power University, China

Special Session II: Artificial Intelligence Applications for Power System Stability Analysis and Control
Organizer: Le Zheng, North China Electric Power University, China

Special Session III: Economic-Technical Research on Wind-Solar-Hydrogen-Cooling Energy System
Organizer: Leijiao Ge, Tianjin University, China

Special Session IV: The Electricity Market and the Utilization of Clean Energy
Organizer: Yuxuan Li, China Electric Power Research Institute, China

Special Session V: New Technologies for Low-carbon Oriented Energy-Transportation Nexus
Organizer: Shiwei Xia, North China Electric Power University, China

Special Session VI: AI based Optimization, Planning, and Fault Diagnosis of New Power Systems
Organizer: Yang Bo, Kunming University of Science and Technology, China

           Xiaoshun Zhang, Foshan Graduate School of Northeastern University, China


Conference Proceedings | SCI Journal


Submissions will be peer-reviewed and evaluated based on originality, relevance to conference, contributions, and presentation. Accepted full papers will be collected in Conference Proceedings.

本次会议将根据投稿文章的原创性,主题相关性,论文研究成果及写作等方面来进行同行评审。被接收文章将出版于ICPET 2023 会议论文集。

ICPET 2022 | IEEE Conference Proceedings | ISBN: 978-1-6654-8078-9 | Online | EI Compendex and SCOPUS


SCI Journal: Journal Electrical Engineering

ISSN: 0948-7921 (Print) 1432-0487 (Online)

Index: SCI, EI Compendex, SCOPUS etc.

Editor in Chief: Alberto Borghetti


Important Dates | 重要日期


Full Paper
Submission Deadline: March 25, 2023
Review Result notification: April 25, 2023
Registration deadline: May 05, 2023
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Abstract Submission deadline: 
March 25, 2023
Review Result notification: Five Working Days
Registration deadline: May 05, 2023
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