Important Date

1. Full Paper Submission Deadline: February 15, 2023
全文投稿最后截止日: 20230215

You can submit your full paper before the deadline. Each paper will be reviewed around 10-20 days. The earlier you submit your paper, the earlier you will get review result. After your submission, you will be informed by the secretary within 3 workdays.

2. Abstract Submission with Presentation only: February 15, 2023
 摘要投稿最后截止日-仅做报告: 20230215

Abstract submission should be better within around 300-400Words and should reflect the overall content of the paper including the problem to be resolved, the method to solve the problem, results and conclusions achieved, etc. It's better without figures and references. 

3. Review Result Notification: Before March 15, 2023
通知截止日: 20230315

This time depends on your submission. The earlier you submit your paper, the earlier you will get review result.


4. Registration Deadline: March 30, 2023
注册截止日: 20230330

Each author needs to finish the registration before participation. For full paper publication, please send your registration materails on time so that we can proceed with the publication process.


5. Listener Registration Deadline: Before July 30, 2023
听众注册截止日: 2023年0730

There is no need for you to submit a paper or an abstract. You can do the registration via the online system at any time before the deadline. When you finish the payment, the conference secretary will give you the feedback within 2 work days.

The online registration link:


6. Final paper Confirmation: Please check your mailbox usually
The editor will review your paper after your successful registration. The format should be edited again so that it can meet the publication requirement. Due to this reason, the paper will be returned to you for double check in case that all the information is completed and right.

If you have any questions, please send email to the conference secretary via: